Working with Your Union


If you’re like us, you’re always saying you need a pause button for life. As the wise Ferris Beuller once said, “Life moves pretty fast.” Blink and, before you know it, your baby will be taller than you and asking to borrow the car. Luckily, our cameras can freeze time so you can cherish an enduring record of the precious moments in your family’s life.


Parents often worry about what will happen if their kids are having “one of those days” when the photo shoot rolls around. Not to worry! Time and again, Roger—a.k.a. “the child whisperer”—has been able to get great photos of even the most reluctant little models giggling with glee at his goofy antics. Seriously. We’ve been thinking about hiring him out to kids’ birthday parties—little ones just light up around him. Our approach to each photo shoot is to have fun. We find that playing with your kids (and you, too, of course!) helps put everyone at ease in front of our cameras. When you are all having fun, we can capture great photos that embody the joy you feel when you spend time together.


Of course, tickle fests, nose wipes, and airplane rides are complimentary with every photo shoot. If you’d like to know more about what it’s like to work with us, please get in touch so we can meet with you, sit down together and explain more about what we have to offer.



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